Travel notes. Day 54.

Hello everyone! Today I attempted to leave China.
In the early morning motorcycle taxi brought me to the bus station Yangsho city, Guangxi province, where bus 5 and a half hours I got to town Naynin.
Naynin – not particularly remarkable city, so I was planning to just change seats are on the other bus, which will take 6 hours me straight to Vietnam in Hanoi. Where the morning of October 10, I plan to vcvstretitsya with Alexander Berezkin and continue the journey to Vietnam together. Looking ahead to say that we plan to buy motorcycles in Hanoi and drive to them the whole of Vietnam from north to south, and then cross the border with Cambodia.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), the next bus is sent to Vietnam tomorrow morning, so I’ll have to hang in Naynine for one night.
Spontaneous search for a place to spend the night was a success. I had to spend money on a taxi to get from the outskirts of the city at the center. In Naynine no subway. Although by Russian standards – it’s quite a big metropolis. Therefore, each resident of a motorbike. Roads Moto cork. The road length of 14 kilometers from the outskirts to the city center took about an hour and cost a little more than 40 yuan.
Since no mobile phone, no internet access I do not, then the search of property in an unfamiliar city much more complex. In the Lonely Planet guide of 2011, which I have, it is said that the city has 2 hostel. Traditionally, I’m a little wander through the streets to find the right address me until I found the auto-building workshop. The information in the guide is outdated, has left the taxi. Earlier this place was really a hostel. Once again, I bailed out the application for offline navigation – OsMand. Digging in the settings I was able to find another hostel just 800 meters away. It was an easy walk;)

Tomorrow morning, the second and hopefully last attempt to get to Vietnam!
See you soon on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, and all other services that are blocked here in China, but are available in Vietnam.
The project’s website temporarily closed sections “Where I am” and “Route”. Travel itinerary is available in Google.Maps link –

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