“To Thailand by land” movie (Second episode)

From Moscow to Thailand on the ground. The film is about the journey to China.

from Moscow to Thailand on the ground. Travel in China.

Dear friends, I am pleased to present you second episode of my movie about journey to Thailand by land.

Movies “To Thailand by land” by GeoAdventures project , devoted Dmitry Ryazanov`s journey from Moscow to Bangkok on the ground. Throught all Russia (from Moscow to Vladivostok), China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

At the moment: 2 month on the road, 16000 kilometers passed, 14 type of trasport used.

In second episode, you’ll find how I almost ate a dog, about how to get from Vladivostok to China for free, how to avoid to be cheated in China, about how to get from China to Vietnam and about many other things that happened to me in the past month traveling around China.

For those who will master all of 1 hour and 20 minutes of video – Spend 30 seconds more please and write criticism in the comments what you liked best in the video and that most do not like it. This will help me to make the next episodes more interesting. And thanks for the repost.

See next expisode here – “To Thailand by land” movie (First episode)

Find where I am at the moment in section “ My current location “.

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