About this project

Hello everybody! My name is Dmitry Ryazanov. I am a traveler.

Dmitry RyazanovDuring my life I traveled to India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Egypt, Armenia, Abkhazia, I took part in an expedition to the Arctic Circle on Kolskiy peninsula.

I have camera and modest video editing skills. I’ll be happy to share my impressions, discover new places, try to do things I never did before.

Let me represent you my project GEOAdventures.ru. There is video blog about independent travels and adventures.

I going to start the travel of my dreams soon. I will leave my daily life and go looking for adventures.

As one classic said:

Life – is the most amazing thing that you have.
You live only once. Do not waste your time. You have to live your life.

I absolutely agree with him.
The adventure starts when something goes wrong!

Best regards, Dmitry Ryazanov sighned.
GEOAdventures.ru project leader.

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