164 days of my journey

Hello, dear Google services users. Do you know how day by day, minute by minute Google is spying every your step? I guess you can`t  even imagine. Just chek this link first – Google Location History.

Someone afraids of this Google activity, but for travelers it is very useful information. So, today I exported geo-data from Google Location History service since first day of my journey. I got almost detailed map of all of my movements for the 164 days of journey. You can find it in the “Route” section. The map detailisation is strong enought. For exemple, you can watch me walking around in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam, when I try to find the right way, or what is average speed of Thai trains, or how long it takes to get from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan in Thailand by ferry.

This map helped me to find that after 164 days of my journey I crossed 27,000 kilometers (13,000 kilometers less than the Earth’s radius). It turns out quite a symbolic think, when I divide it by 164 days of travel – I got 164 km per day =)

27000 километров за 164 дня

164 дня в путешествии по суше в Таиланд

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Апександр Рязанов
2015-01-26 10:33:59
Здорово !!!!!! Может сделать в виде "живого журнала"-? На страничке - одна часть видео. Вторая часть текст. Мне кажется будет читабельно!!!
Dmitry Ryazanov
2015-01-26 20:19:31
Стараюсь следовать твоему совету, пап :)