Travel notes. Days 5-7.

Good day, Moscow!

Lost count the number of time zones, to which I went from home.
Passed 5,000 kilometers. Reaching the city Krasnoyarsk, we rushed to pass the iron horse on routine maintenance, and have gone for a walk around the city. The climate has changed dramatically. Felt that we found ourselves in this Siberia. Instead of 30, now 10 and a drizzle of nasty showers of rain. Grayness everywhere. At the entrance to Krasnoyarsk I thought to take his words at the expense pleasantly surprised me Russian roads. The plot of the window has changed: the average speed of 30 km / h, clay over asphalt (or asphalt and not at all), pits and potholes 20-30 centimeters deep. Having passed about 20 kilometers, we have already started to think to turn around and look for possible ways to avoid traffic. But it soon became clear that we have moved down slightly from the main road. Back on the road “Baikal” M-53 exhaled with relief.
Let us return to Krasnoyarsk. “Yar” – in another ravine. Krasnoyarsk – a city of beautiful ravines. Google service told us that in walking distance from the service station, is attention … the Eiffel Tower. I could not miss a walk through the local Champs-Elysees, in spite of the rain. Spell hit Joe Dassena standing under the Eiffel Tower and resumed shooting material for the first series of clips about the journey. The waiting time of the service has flown by.
There are still about 7 hours before nightfall and we decide to have time to kill two birds with and conquer the Krasnoyarsk posts before nightfall.


Krasnoyarsk Pillars

Blame my expectations. Whether the weather played its dirty work, or general fatigue after the 5000 road, but tracking on “pillars” of 20 kilometers was given is not easy. The terrain itself reminded symbiosis of Krasnaya Polyana and yew-boxwood grove in Sochi. Visiting the miracle of nature for free. But without a tour group to get to the poles only by cable car or on foot. 7 kilometers uphill through the picturesque wooden bridges along the river’s mouth and you are there. On the road from time to time pop proteins and the Chipmunks, lured and do not be frightened, tweeting birds, murmuring streams. Visitors surprisingly not much (weekdays and rainy).
Here we are on the spot. The first column, second, third. Huge boulders (40-60 meters in height) of different shapes, scattered through the pine forest in the highlands. While not impressive. Met tourists who are on the opposite side of the reserve (cable car), which prompted us to the most interesting posts. The names of the pillars very folklore: “Father,” “Grandson”, “Grandmother and granddaughter”, “great-grandfather”, “feathers”, “Gateway”. The origin of these stones (pillars) I was not interested, but the nature of frolic issuing such an unusual shape. From “Santa” crazy view of the Krasnoyarsk from a height. The total tracking on poles about 20 km. With the habit is not easy.


About Sleep and nutrition

It was getting dark. Despite the bad weather decide to spend the night in tents near Krasnoyarsk pillars. At the poles themselves to break the tent is prohibited. Get down to the car away from Krasnoyarsk, near the Yenisei, near the town called Divnogorsk (similar to Krasnoyarsk, Divnogorsk – a city of marvelous mountains :)). Reaching a snack at a roadside cafe for the first time were unpleasantly surprised. Despite the “divnost” city people look angry and unhappy life. At the entrance to the cafe local musicians will present “Tima Axe”, working in the genre of hip-hop, asked to treat his cigarette. The dialogue took place in an interesting style “- You Th not local? This … Eeee,” King, “you know? A” Rusty “? Ahhh … I see … It eeee, if Th is my bro. We’re rap read. Remember – “Tim Axe” and brothers. Well, it’s uh, let’s luck, fraternally, from the soul, yeah, come on! “.
Appetite gone =) We ate quickly and silently, and for the future. Decided not to seek adventure with the local population and went in search of a place to sleep away some of the city and people. Soltstse disappeared. The thermometer shows 7 degrees Celsius. Broke in two meters from the Yenisei River. No food, no cigarettes. There are a couple of bottles of water. The cool night, again and again the storm on the day when we spend the night in tents.

Morning. The water in the Yenisey cold, desire to bathe arose. Today, we are waiting for the final stage of 1100 kilometers Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk. Start his around 11 am. Replaced another time zone. And arrived in Irkutsk without incident to 3 o’clock in the morning local time. In Irkutsk we sheltered friend Olga – Ilya Ipatov. Great guy, very glad to get acquainted with him. Tonight in odnushke on the outskirts of Irkutsk we will stay in close quarters, but not mad. There was a little feeling of “home”.

About the traffic police

From Novosibirsk and Irkutsk to GIBDDshniki was not. Cameras were 5-6 places on the entire stretch. Fines from cameras videofiksatsii have not yet received. Caught on radar one single time at the entrances to Ufa.

About how I did not go “Dolby bumps”

Irkutsk de facto considered the most disadvantaged city in Siberia, from the point of view of the development of drug addiction. Probably passes through narco-traffic from Kazakhstan. Therefore, the offer to go “podolbit bumps” I reacted warily.
It turned out, as we solved the problems with the purchase of tickets for the Circum-Baikal Railway and Vladivostok, Irkutsk our friend Elijah called friends and asked to go with them to collect pine cones in a suburb of Irkutsk. Collection process is chipping hazels wooden mallet. Therefore, local smear his “peck buds.” I liked the idea, but fellow travelers did not take it seriously and offered to spend the day in the city, as the weather finally seems to be cleared. Not “podolbit.”

Immediate plans

Tomorrow is scheduled trip to Circum-Baikal Railway, which was built in tsarist times and runs right along the shore of Lake Baikal. All izsverlena tunnels and promises breathtaking views of Lake Baikal from different sides. day after tomorrow
Travel to China have not been found. Is to do to join the monthly trip through China in 12-15 days of September? Welcome!


On average, every day in the day I have now is 23 hours (due to jet lag). But the feelings every day – it’s so many new emotions and impressions, how many times do not get 230 hours and lifestyles.
Peace, love, harmony!

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