To Thailand by land

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Backpack is ready, the devices charged. At 9 am I`m saying goodbye to friends and parents and I went to Yaroslavsky tarain station in Moscow, where I was waiting for my first companion Yuri. I`m never knew him before. We just found each other one month before this trip on especial web-site. It is my first time when I`m traveling with strangers. I am writing this travel notes inside the train on the way from Moscow to Yaroslavl. Meanwhile in Yaroslavl, where we are going, other companion Olga waiting for us. Olga is going from Arkhangelsk to Ulan-Ude by car and kindly agreed to share a couple of places in his car with us. So the first part of the route throught Russia: Yaroslavl – Ufa – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk will be held in my favorite genre – road trip. It is a long way, more than 5000 km. We are going to pass it less than 1 week. We going to staying in tents for a nights. We find it is more interesting. Although I hardly knew my companions, I feel that this guys are very interesting persons. All of them has it`s own story.

It is worth noting that while the concept of “aimlessly” observed since neither Olga nor Jura, nor I do not have a concrete plan for the trip. We will improvise with the route, stopping place, the duration of the trip.

Awareness of what is happening there is not any. So I left the threshold of the house. The feeling that I was going to the country in the train. Absolutely no experience and expectations. Just somewhere to eat.

A small step for mankind, one giant step for me personally. My journey of a thousand miles has begun!
Peace! Love! Harmony!

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