Think and make it happen

One day I asked myself:

Do you like travels? Do you like to shoot video? How long you can postpone that you dreamed of? May be the best time than now never come. Now I have this opportunity. Do what you really want.

I finished my office job. I wanted to fill my lives something really interesting and exciting.
Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can imagine a sunny day, somewhere in Southeast Asia, I driving motorbike throught the highway. Warm wind is streaming my hair. Along the road I see beatifull nature landscapes, coconut palms, air smelling flowering exotic plants, and the wind whistling in the ears and I can not hear the sound of surf and like the birds singing…

it does not matter where this road leads. It is important to feel that it fills. This feeling of absolute freedom and peace.

The goal is set. I do not have specific plan to achieve it. Sometimes if you do not have a map you can explore places that are not indicated therein. The adventure begins when something goes wrong. This is the plan.

Less than a month I will leave my regural life and go on a journey of my dreams. In the journey which I have long dreamed of. A project GEOAdventures help me share my feelings about what is happening with you.

The Adventure Begins =)

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